Tuesday, 8 October 2013

To Greece and back - a thank you email

From: Susan McQ......
Subject: To Greece and back!

Hi Paul & Richard,
I thought that you might like to know that last month I flew to the Aegean and back again. The course materials helped so much. The biggest helpful thing was learning to hold any anticipatory anxiety outside of myself, i.e. to objectify it and separate any anxious feelings from the fact of flying being safe. For the return leg, I drank a lot of water in the taxi on the way to the airport, and found that being well hydrated before I stepped onto the plane made for an even better flight. One of the pilots had his Cycling magazine and a copy of the Daily Telegraph in the cockpit, which he glanced at while the co-pilot was going through the checks. All very laid back but somehow it was reassuring - the crew were obviously working well together and it was clearly just another day in the office for them. Also, at check-in, I had been allocated a seat with extra leg room, which helped too (even a shortie needs to stretch their legs!).
I have just come back from a place of warm sunshine and swimming in the cleanest sea ever, an experience which I would otherwise never have had. Thank you so much.
Hope you are all well.
Best regards,
We like to print the odd email now and then. We remember Susan and we know how hard she worked to beat her fear...

Take care
Paul & Richard


  1. HI pilots work hard and are safe.

  2. Christine Dalton10 October 2013 at 08:28

    I love all these comments but would like to hear moe little snippets on telling me why I am safe please? Due to fly to New York for Thanksgiving and aldreading getting the tears and dreams!!