Friday, 25 October 2013

Nice article from nervous flyer in Civilian Global

Is it wrong to blow our own trumpets??  Well, this is a good article that was run in Civilian Global this week.... Here is the full article 

Here is a snippet...
Nervous flier Lisa Richards feels the fear and does it anyway, on Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear course...

The weird dreams usually start about three to four weeks before a flight: the predictable plot line of never quite being able to make it to the airport moves on to sitting on a plane that never takes off and, instead, drives down winding country lanes, along the High Street of the Worcestershire town in which I was born, or on the motorway – the jumbo jet clipping lorries with its useless, waggling wings. Once the dreams start, then so does the acid reflux, the heart-racing episodes, the obsessive sky-watching and the morbid thoughts.
My name is Lisa Richards and I’m afraid of flying.
I used to travel often for work. As a precocious young travel journo in the late 1990s – the golden, most decadent era of blagging – my first transatlantic flight to New York at the age of 22...

New courses
There has been a lot of interest in our new ground courses that have started around the country. We will have to wait and see how popular they become. We are most pleased that we are now able to offer three different price points for people that want help:
£120 -     Ground course without flight
£255 -     Premium group course with flight
£A lot  -  The 1-1 totally bespoke course

Take care,
Paul & Richard
Course Dates
Fear of flying group courses 2013: Birmingham 20th October; Manchester 10th November; Gatwick 17th November; Southampton 1st December - all adult fear of flying courses £255 including VAT

Fear of flying group courses 2014: London Luton 19th January – all adult fear of flying courses £255 including VAT

Children’s course 17th November Gatwick - £375 for one child and one fear free adult including refreshments, parking and flights


Ground only courses (no flight) 2014:  Leeds Bradford 12th January; Newcastle 2nd February; Bristol 23rd March

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