Friday, 13 September 2013

Thank you!!!


From: Christine D 
Date: Wed, 11 Sep 2013 12:32:45
Subject: Thank you!!!

Good Afternoon Paul and team.
I attended your Newcastle course in May 2013 and put everything to practise on my recent holiday to Turkey. WOW!!!!!!! I can honestly say I have never enjoyed a flight so much. OK take off I’m never going to love, I accept that, but I talked myself through everything Captain Dave had explained and before I knew it we were up in the air and I was on my way.
I would normally have anxiety the whole flight and be back and forth to the toilet which would more than likely result in a panic attack. This time……..I was relaxed in my seat, enjoying the flight ‘LOOKING OUT THE WINDOW’ and seeing the sights I’ve been missing out on all these years with my head in my hands.
Then there was the night time flight back home, again take off, didn’t love it, but I didn’t cry and go into a state of panic like usual…..progress .
I was even disappointed when the captain turned the lights back on once we were in the air. ‘Before your course I would only do day time flights’. I actually felt so comfortable I was ready to close my eyes….this has never been known on an aircraft.
I think what yous do is so amazing, how a days course can really change someones life. It really works.  I tried soooo many different ways to get over the fear then I found out about yourselves. I cant thank you enough. 
Just booked to go back on 7th October…..yes only been home 3 weeks and jetting off again already. There's no stopping me now.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Christine D
PS. I would absolutely love to help you guys out if you ever needed volunteers on your future Newcastle course. Please feel free to save my details
Take Care xx

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