Monday, 23 September 2013

Captain Kirk fear of flying

We are sure that you have seen the media hype about William Shatner turning down a chance to fly with the Virgin Galactic team into space?  Allegedly, he turned down this opportunity due to a fear of flying.

He needs some proper help not ridicule - don't you think?

There seems to be a lot of press coverage when a 'celeb' has a fear of flying. It is paraded around like it is some sort of weakness that the world needs to know about. 

A fear of flying is a big deal that really affects people's life choices.   Plus, the choices of those around them.

William, if you are reading this, here is our message:

Having a fear of flying is not some sort of affliction to be paraded around or scorned at by others. Get some help as a lot of people feel like you do. In fact, give us enough time with you, and we will get you over it - that's if it is even true in the first place!

Take care
Paul & Richard

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