Monday, 19 August 2013

There has been a serious technical fault with your aircraft

This came up as a question on the message board recently.  A previous attendee of our course was having some last minute 'wobbles' about flying.  This is quite normal. On the return journey (back to UK) her tour operator, cancelled the flight, put them in a hotel overnight and then told all the passengers 'the flight is delayed due to a serious technical fault.' 

As you can imagine, this could worry anyone hearing that???

However, the way we see it is like this:

  1. The word 'serious' doesn't add anything to the situation. In the world of technical faults, there are 'no-go' faults and 'okay-to-go' faults and that's it. What does serious mean to us?  Answer:  Nothing, we are either flying or we are not.
  2. The word 'serious' has been used by someone not paying attention to the effect of language on a nervous person (If there are 1 in 5 nervous people)  -  this was a careless way to phrase it. The bottom line is that it is okay to fly with or not okay to fly with this fault.  What does serious add?!   The word is used by ground staff/agents as it actually means the fault/repair/replacement is probably going to take a long time which now makes it serious.  This could be because the parts have to come from a very small number of approved suppliers which could be a plane journey away distance wise!
  3. The pilots and crew are not going to take anything into the air that isn't compliant with the international safety standard we all adhere to.  They have families too and there is no way that they will take off until the faulty items are sorted out.  So, if you find yourself flying on a chartered aircraft and you have never heard of them, it does not mean that they are not safe as they probably have a partnership agreement with the airline that you booked.  If you have a delay and then get back on the same 'faulty' aircraft from the day before, then it is now fixed and good to go.  It is not in the airline's interest to break safety rules.  No safety = no passenger confidence = no business!
Take care
Paul & Richard

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