Monday, 26 August 2013

Nice message board posting this week

We have reproduced this message because it is a realistic thank you for some people that attend our courses. Not every single person that attends will be doing cartwheels through the airport saying, 'yippee, I'm going on a flight!'

This person faced a lot on our course and now is on a journey to get over her fear once of all - but, one step at a time, at her own pace.

I came on the Gatwick course in July after years of flying phobia. My fear meant we always holidayed in this country and I can't remember the last time I had a suntan! The course was my last resort and it certainly helped but to be honest I didn't feel that I was cured afterwards. On the flight at the end of the course I nearly got off.... But I didn't thanks to one of the team leaders (didn't know her name but she had a beautiful blonde bun in her hair)! She talked me through the take off which I hated and cried through. Howard the psychologist then sat at the side of me when landing ( he saw the red welts on my wrists after constantly pinging the wrist elastic bands - one of the distraction techniques we were given). He was great and very reassuring.

I drove home that evening feeling informed but despondent at how scared I had been on the flight and dreading the thought of the flight I had booked to Spain with my family a month later. However, I have just come back from a wonderful fortnight in Spain. I didn't like the flights but it was the first time in many many years that I didn't cry or scream (yes I was once the woman freaking out all the other passengers screaming on take off and when ever the plane rocked). Instead I explained to my 11 year old what was happening, managed to get out of my seat a few times, bought some duty free and actually managed the return flight without any medication to calm me down. I didn't like it and I will never like flying but what really helped me and which I took with me from the course were:

- tell the stewards you have been on the course and are a nervous flyer. The ones on my Monarch flight were great and were very reassuring.
- take the booklet with you from the course to remind you of all the technical aspects. It helped me to remind myself how many flights take off every day and the extremely rare odds of being involved in an accident.
- look out of the window when you hit turbulence. Makes you realise how little the wing is moving. Also having the bottle of water (which hardly moves even if you feel as if the plane is tipping over)
- watch other passengers being calm and the stewards going about their business. Just makes it all feel more normal.
- if you have an I Pad download some good movies and put the volume up high to eliminate engine noise.

I will never enjoy flying or feel calm but after doing this course I feel like I have developed my own way of coping. Good luck to all those other nervous flyers out there. Kelly
Future Courses
Birmingham 20th October 2013
Manchester 10th November 2013
Gatwick 17th November 2013 (adult course and children’s course run at same venue in different rooms)
Southampton 1st December 2013

Other workshop dates

Developing Resilience Workshop - 20th October 2013 Gatwick area
Banish Stress Forever Workshop - 13th October 2013 Gatwick area

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