Friday, 2 August 2013

I heard a bang - what was it...

There has been a forum member (Martyn) who has been communicating with us a lot since he successfully attended our course.  The forum thread started when he asked us about a certain noise that he had heard on a flight. The noise had bothered him and the passenger next to him as they didn't know what it was.

We thought it would be simple enough. Ask enough of our pilots and they would know the answer. This turned out not to be the case as it happens... The pilots did not fly the type of aircraft that Martyn had flown on.  Therefore, they couldn't be absolutely sure what the noise would be. We thought this was quite reassuring actually.  They all offered possible answers but none of which were accepted by Martyn.  This was also reassuring. 

The reason we thought that this IS reassuring is that despite not knowing what the noise could have been, none of the pilots were concerned by it. They said things like, 'If I was trained in that aircraft type, then I would know everything about that aircraft type movement, noises etc. but I am not.'  Also, 'If I was on that flight and heard a noise that concerned me, I would ask a member of crew.  If they didn't know and nothing untoward was going on in the flight, I would just put it down to someone probably dropping something in the galley (kitchen) area or something like that.'

Possibly the main message to draw from this is that even as a trained pilot, you won't know everything about everything to do with flying. If you are passenger and you hear something that concerns you, ask. If they don't know, and you are flying quite safely then, it is 'just one of those things.'  The pursuit of knowing everything about flying just in case something happens is a never ending activity that does not guarantee any relief from fear at the end of it. There comes a point where we have to let go and say to ourselves, 'These people are trained to fly and licenced to fly within the internationally agreed rules and regulations that exist for commercial aviation, maybe I need to relax and let them get on with it!?'

Just a thought...

Take care
Paul & Richard
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