Thursday, 18 July 2013

When someone reaches the 'aha' moment

We liked this email/message board response because it showed two things that are very relevant to the flying nervous.  First of all, people that are fearful are super sensitive to every movement on their flights.  When you are nervous, you feel every movement to the point that the non-nervous just don't get.  A lot of the super sensitive only notice the slight movement on aircraft and magnify it - but they don't think of movement at all in other forms of transport.

The second point that we loved about this message is the moment when she learned to let go of some of the fear. Anyway, please read on...

Completed my day return to Dublin from Birmingham today on a pair of Airbus A320. And I am pleased to say that it went pretty well.

It was a very blustery day, especially here in the Midlands more so than in Ireland, so there was, what seemed to me, to be lots of buffeting and up and down/tummy going over moments, more so than on the course flight.

I was actually more concerned about the journey coming back for some reason but during this, something quite interesting happened. Once we were in cruise, I think my body had "had enough" of being a little "on edge" and kind of "switched off" to the sensations. For the rest of cruise and descent, which was actually the bumpiest part of the day with 35mph crosswind gusts at BHX, I kind of "gave up fighting it" and suddenly it was all ok! I sat relaxed in my seat and just went with the motions and suddenly they didn't seem so bad any more. I even enjoyed the solid set downs on the runways! Now if only I could get to that state from the start!

I am sure it is going to take me a lot longer and more practice flights to get over this, but I thought that this discovery just might be the most encouraging sign from the day.

Have to give the Aer Lingus cabin crew some kudos too though. They were REALLY supportive, having introduced myself and why I was on the flight. Felt like they wanted me to do well too and that really helped! I can see why Virgin chose AL for the Little Red service!

What next though? A lot of flights from BHX are on Dash 8s and I am not sure I can handle the thought of being a passenger on one of those yet! Know I will have to sometime though!
Take care
Paul and Richard

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