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Gatwick 7th July - 2013 
This time 2 weeks ago, the thought of flying filled me with absolute dread… just the mere vision of be being on bored an aircraft filled me with panic. I have been a frequent flyer for years and I have never thought twice about flying, up until 2 years ago I flew to Egypt with my boyfriend, it was a perfectly normal flight but out of nowhere I convinced myself I wasn't safe  – I am not sure what happened but on this flight and since then I have horrendous panic attacks and no matter what anyone says to me, nothing works. In the airport It stars with tears and come take off… I am screaming the plane down.

Ironically my boyfriend is training to be a pilot and choosing his flight college and he was always trying to explain to me that flying is perfectly safe… this still did not work and I felt like I had no way out of feeling so anxious and at 1 point I actually told myself ‘Its OK if I never fly out of the UK again’ – for a girl who has dreamt of travelling around the world her who life, this was the point I knew I had to do something about it. I found the flying without fear course with Virgin online and admittedly I looked at it ALOT… I looked at the website for a good 4 weeks until I realised I had to book it! For anyone reading this review now, I know it’s probably hard to believe, but honestly, I really believed there was nothing that could help me, nothing that could change my mind about flying.

I attended the Gatwick course on Sunday 7th July 2013 and on arrival, I was absolutely terrified, I walked into a room full of people slightly older than me and I just felt like turning around again… I felt quite alone at first but before long I started chatting to a lady also attending the course and I started to feel more relaxed and comfortable, people started arriving and I had a nice ‘calm the nerves’ cuppa tea whilst waiting to go into the seminar room. Whilst waiting, a lovely air steward came round for chat with some of us on the course, I am really sorry but I have completely forgotten his name – he mentioned it was his first time as staff on the flying without fear course, he made me feel extremely comfortable after telling him I was terrified he calmed me down by simply telling me there are many others around me feeling exactly the same!

When we went through to the seminar room I quickly joined a table, I was very nervous (confronting my fear was a huge thing for me). Each table is a table for 10 people and each had their own team leader…. Now I have to start by saying that my team Leader – Sue – was absolutely amazing! She introduced herself and I couldn't believe my ears when she told us that 10 years ago to the day she was one of us, doing the fear of flying course just like me. After her success she came back to help other people that were scared of flying for lots of different reasons, this was very comforting to me and I am sure it was to all of the team on my table.
The day went by and I made friends with my team and they were all brilliant, we all shared our story’s, reasons for being scared.

I don’t want to give too much away but the main reason for my review is to say that Adele Roberts (our pilot speaker) for the day was absolutely amazing, such an inspiration lady, she answered all of our questions and made us all feel so comfortable about the thought of flying, there is nothing you can’t ask her, the entire team on the day were absolutely amazing and for me that made the day so much less terrifying than I first thought it was. Howard – I believe you are the main reason as to why I feel the way I do now about flying, your talks, tips and techniques worked wonders. Sue, thank you for everything you were brilliant, open and honest talking which was really appreciated. Richard & Paul, you were also fantastic – your sense of humour was brilliant you made us all laugh when I think we most needed it. The entire team was outstanding and I would like to thank you all for what you have given me, I am able to fly, happily and comfortably, without panic attacks, without tears and without terror in my stomach!

I have now booked my holidays – flying in 4 weeks time to Gran Canaries!  I am so excited and I think the most exciting thing is that I am now going to spend the entire flight telling my boyfriend (pilot in training) every bump, every sound throughout the flight! I am amazed at how I feel, I cannot explain the feeling of ‘not feeling  terrified’ it’s just absolutely amazing, and I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me, it’s a very very small price to pay if you can imagine what you gain at the end it. I want to STRONGLY and HIGHLY recommend to anyone that is reading this review right now and are still not sure whether to book…. BOOK! You have too… I know it’s easy for me to say and easy for you to read, but I really hope this review helps you in making the decision.
This course is the best thing I think I could have ever done, its brought everything to light and I have completely changed my way of thinking! Again, another MASSIVE thank you to Richard & Paul and of course all the staff on the day, professional, relaxed and looked after us all so well… most importantly – I CAN FLY AGAIN happily and excitingly! Thank you SO much!

Jessica Lane 


Take care

Paul & Richard

Group course dates

Luton 25th August 2013
Birmingham 20th October 2013
Manchester 10th November 2013
Gatwick 17th November 2013 (adult course and children’s course run at same venue in different rooms)

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