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We are always pleased to get feedback such as in this week on our message board regarding the Gatwick course 7th July (example below).  But it is also really great to get feedback way after the course has run to know that people are still able to fly years later.  A lot of people that look at our course might think, 'Well, it is easy to fly when all your team are with us, but what about when we fly on our own...?'  This email below from Rosemary is a few years after the course and we received it this week.  We think it is a very heartening to read don't you think?
Dear Paul and Richard
I was interested in your latest email regarding the person who wanted to fly to Toronto.
I hated flying – the thought of being 35,000 feet in the air with nothing (that I could see) holding me up filled me with horror. I hadn't flown for 34 years, and always felt ill at least on the outward journey, from sheer fright.
Then my son and new daughter- in- law moved to New Zealand, and I knew if I wanted to see them I had to get on a plane. I plucked up courage and did your course at Heathrow, I think it was Feb 2010.I was surprised there were mainly younger people there. I don't know how it worked, but I got on the plane at the end of the day and sat by the window. In Sept that year, I flew, with my husband, to NZ via Hong Kong. It was very bumpy over the Philippines, but I didn't worry. During our stay, we flew from Christchurch to Auckland, then at the end flew home via Los Angeles – so I have flown round the world!
I actually enjoyed it (apart from being deaf for 48hours at each end of the journey) and am looking forward to going out there again. I would say, give the course a go, it really works. And if I can do it at the ripe old age of 63 as I was then, I'm sure others can do it!
Rosemary Lambert (shared with permission)
Some feedback from Gatwick at the weekend.  This particular email shows the course from a 'flight only' person that has come to support a previously nervous flyer.

I attended the Gatwick course yesterday (7th July 2013) as a fly only participant as a support for my partner who took part in the full days course.

As a flyer myself I always struggled to come to terms with the idea that my partner didn't fly, nor did he entertain the idea of flying or flying courses and trying to find an alternative to get a family holiday abroad just wasn't possible as I don't do long car or coach journeys, cruises are too expensive and we also have a 1 year old baby to think of as well. So I bit the bullet and surprised him by booking the Virgin Atlantic 'Flying without Fear ' course for him. His initial reaction was 'I am not doing it, you have wasted your money', after a couple of days of digesting it he came around to the idea and agreed to do it and even said he was excited.

On the day of course we arrived at Gatwick and we checked him in at the registration desk and I wished him luck and he walked toward a course I hoped would change his life. I made the decision to sit and wait for him at the hotel as did several other partners and friends of people on the course (the hotel was very nice and equipped with a nice lounge and Starbucks). My partner came out at the lunch break and first thing he said was 'I am not cured but I am enjoying it'. Sceptical I wandered whether he would be too far into his fear to accept what the people on the course were saying and teaching them. At the allocated time when I could join my partner for the flight I joined him and the other people in his group and group leader Steve Pipe. My Partner came out smiling and everyone in the room was in high spirits. We boarded the bus and moved onto the airport, we went through normal boarding process and security checks and moved straight onto the departure lounge where we waited to board the plane. All the staff at the course were walking around and the team leader Steve stayed with the group the whole time and answered any questions people had. We boarded the plane and to my amazement my partner just walked straight onto the plane, with his fear being claustrophobia and the control factor, I was astounded he just walked onto the plane without any problems, we sat down and after a short period we started moving. The cabin crew done the safety briefing and the captain was extremely informative, giving commentary about everything he and his crew were doing. At take off my partner panicked and with some strong words of advice he calmed down. Once we were up again everything was commentated and explained. I was absolutely amazed my partner was looking out the window - something he vowed he would never do - he looked relaxed, he could even explain to me what the plane was doing. Everything which he learned off the course. Landing he was fine and everyone cheered. The whole flight everyone seemed relaxed and in good spirits. Our team leader Steve Pipe was amazing, he is a current steward with Virgin and very honest, knowledgeable and friendly.

I would not hesitate recommending this course to anyone and nor would my partner. My partner has been beaming ear to ear with pride that he has conquered his fear of flying, he was one of a few who had never flown at all and he went from complete denial that he would ever get on the plane, to enjoying the flight, and looking to booking our first family holiday abroad on a plane. Something I never thought we would ever achieve.

Virgin have an excellent team and if you are unsure whether this will work, I would highly suggest you try this course. The knowledge, patience and all round experience, even from a flight only participant has been amazing.

I just want to thank Steve Pipe, Richard, Paul and all the Team on the 'flying without fear' Gatwick course for helping my partner and giving us the opportunity to have family holidays together and you have helped my partner with something he thought he would never conquer, this course has been life changing!
Take care
Paul and Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear


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