Monday, 3 June 2013

Update to BA Emergency Landing

We have received quite a few worried emails this week. Here is one from the message board, plus our answer below it...

The question:


We are due to fly on a long haul flight quite soon. I have recently completed the FOF course and was feeling quite optimistic about coping with the flight. However the recent scare on the plane flying Heathrow to Oslo has set me off worrying again. I keep imagining what it must have been like for the passengers not knowing if they were going to land safely. Also I read that it was caused by an oversight by engineers which Steve took great pains to reassure us couldn't happen. Can you give me any reassurance please


Our Answer:

I think that you will be amongst a lot of people that are worried about what went wrong here. The main thing to say is that everybody landed safely. A problem was detected and the pilots followed their training procedures and put in on the ground.

The report that has come up is not the full accident report. There will be a full investigation into what went wrong. As a result of this, I would put any money you like on the fact that there will be a procedure change or amendment. This is not just for BA but any airline if that is what is deemed needed to be done.

You can ask any of us in the team whether our opinion around flying safety has changed and it has not. There is no such thing as 100% safe. Commercial aviation aims to manage the risk down to tiniest amount possible. There is a slight risk that something could happen to you while flying but it is not the amount that people imagine it to be. The main reason why it is so safe is that whenever an incident occurs, it is thoroughly investigated and everyone learns from it - the knowledge is shared across the world and procedures change to prevent it reoccurring..

Hope that helps to rationalise it all?


Take care
Paul & Richard

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