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How you measure success on your courses?

This is the question that someone sent to us this week and our answer.

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Subject: Flying without fear question
Hi there
I was wondering whether you could give me some information about the Flying Without Fear course and tell me whether you think it would be appropriate for me or not.
I notice your success rate is measured by the amount of people who get on the plane. I count myself as having a fear of flying, and having stopped flying for a good 12 years started again last year. I now will book flights, grudgingly, and have flown twice since I made this decision, but still hate flying and find the whole experience distressing (and this is just on a short flight to Jersey!) How much of the course is geared towards managing the fear once on the plane? I think it is quite a breakthrough that I am managing to get on the planes but a shame I still hate it! I am wanting to book a holiday to Toronto next year which is the reason I would like to take steps towards getting over my fear of flying. However, if the majority of the course is more aimed at those who have never flown or can't get on a plane I wonder if I am better off choosing some other way of dealing with it.

Thank you for posting your question.  First of all, we do not just measure how many people get onto the aircraft.  Around about half of our clients are currently flying but just can't bear it to varying degrees of discomfort/hatred!

The course is aimed at helping people as part of a process of getting rid of a fear.  We run the course to help anyone that has a fear of flying. The whole day is geared to giving you answers and techniques to help you move on. We should be used as part of a general process to getting rid of the fear altogether and everyone that comes to us is at a different place in terms of beating the fear....

Please come on the course and let us help you

Take care,

This is what is on our website about evaluation from FAQ section

We measure the success on random courses in two ways.

Measure 1:  We do a simple count of how many take the flight. This only gives us one measure, as it doesn't show how many of those would have flown anyway regardless of our course. 

Measure 2:  We ask people to rate at the beginning and end of the day how they feel about flying on a scale of 1-10.  This is asked of all the people that attend regardless of whether they have flown before, currently fly or have never flown.    (Out of interest, the general percentage for most courses is roughly:  10% never flown; 40% have flown at some point (even regularly) but have now stopped for various reasons; Lastly, about 50% still fly and their fear is to varying degrees.)  We then use that difference to give us a measure of the how the course has improved their feelings towards flying.  Some people make significant movement, others, it is more incremental but there is always improvement provided the delegates give themselves permission not to be perfect straight away!  The last course that we measured, the success rate was 98.6%.

We also get lots of postcards every week from graduates of our course and also feedback is regularly left on our ‘Message Board’.

Take care
Paul & Richard

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