Monday, 10 June 2013

Another update to BA emergency landing

A lot of questions about this. The main thing to say is that it has been investigated and procedures will change or tighten as a result of it. You can have a look at the facts on this link here to the Government's AAIB.

Also, it is worth reading the report which you can download. Not to scare you but to show the amount of investigation that has gone into this incident already.

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Here is the summary:

London Heathrow Airport

Date of occurrence:
24 May 2013

Commercial Air Transport - Fixed Wing

As the aircraft departed Runway 27L at London Heathrow Airport, the fan cowl doors from both engines detached, puncturing a fuel pipe on the right engine and damaging the airframe, and some aircraft systems. The flight crew elected to return to Heathrow. On the approach to land an external fire developed on the right engine. The left engine continued to perform normally throughout the flight. The right engine was shut down and the aircraft landed safely and was brought to a stop on Runway 27R. The emergency services quickly attended and extinguished the fire in the right engine. The passengers and crew evacuated the aircraft via the escape slides, without injury.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the fan cowl doors on both engines were left unlatched during maintenance and this was not identified prior to aircraft departure.

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