Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Newcastle course last weekend

As always, pleased to say that the course went very well. There has been lots of great feedback from those that flew with us at the weekend.  Here it is if you want to look ...

We would like to talk about two people that didn't fly on Sunday's course and why that is actually ok.

Client no.1
One delegate arrived with no identification whatsoever for the course. We didn't know until the actual flight was due to go that he didn't have anything.  This was a real shame for him.  He had been with us all day. The flight was a domestic flight from Newcastle to Newcastle - so no real threat to anyone perhaps?  However, the airport authorities quite rightly refused him and he wasn't able to fly with us.  Sad for him but good to show that aviation security is taken seriously don't you think?  Hopefully, he will come back again soon WITH ID.

Client no.2
This particular delegate (whose feedback from message board is below) didn't fly. He is obviously gutted that he did not fly. However, he was actually really pleased that he came to the aircraft and then got off.  The simple (to some) of walking onto an aircraft was still more than he thought he would do that day.

We believe that beating a fear is a process. Our course is a great part of a process of getting rid of the fear. If someone decides to not fly on the day of our course, there is no shame at all. They just need a bit more help to get to the point of flying. Those that come back and see us again tend to fly. They are flying when they are ready.

Feedback from client no.2
I have just returned home from the Newcastle leg of flying without fear.

Sadly I was the unlucky member who didn't manage the flight. however I feel parts of the course helped me make marks of improvement in combatting my fear.

For any potential clients. I will testify that the course worked wonders for a large percentage of people. This is no miracle cure but what it offers is sensible factual advice from professions who know a great deal more about flight than you or I !

I would recommend taking a family member or friend along to the course. It felt like the loneliest place in the world at times today. I spoke at lengths with Paul at the end of the course. he was very helpful and supportive. I feel a step closer to beating my fear but I have realised that today is only one step. (Even for those who were successful with the flight)

I was genuinely moved by other members stories. (In particular my fellow group member mark) who made my week by flying. Well done mate. it was nice to meet you.

Take care
Paul & Richard

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