Wednesday, 8 May 2013

May is fear of flying month!

In the UK right now, we are experiencing warmth! Wahey - hope it lasts. Heard someone describe the British weather as 9 months expectation and then 3 months disappointment! Not very positive...albeit accurate?

We thought that we might let you know what we have been up to lately... It is a busy time for us as we prepare for three courses in a row.  This weekend Newcastle, then Edinburgh and then Birmingham.  Last month we ran two courses; One in Manchester and one in Luton.  Check out some of the recent feedback here

It just goes to show how many people out there have a fear of flying. In fact, a lot of our delegates report how surprised that they are to see so many nervous people pitch up for our courses. We think that you should find this reassuring because it lets you know just how many people feel just like you do and that you are part of a large community of people that fear flying.

It will be 16 years in November since we started. Can you imagine how many thousands of people just like you that we have helped?  Totting up the numbers, we estimate approximately between 14-20, 000 people have been on our courses. Then, we have all those thousands that have been helped by our book.  Amazing!!

Take care

Paul & Richard

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