Monday, 20 May 2013

Edinburgh course last weekend

We had a fabulous day yesterday at Edinburgh. We are always given a great welcome in Scotland. It was particularly special as everyone flew with us that attended the course. 

Maybe we shouldn't mention it but we are just so impressed that everyone was able to do it. 

If you are a regular reader of this blog, you will know that it is not just about taking the flight. We put more importance on our delegates feeling better about flying altogether. This is regardless of whether they fly or not. The most important measure anyone should be concerned with is whether you feel better about flying as a result of attending our course. Beating a fear of flying is a process of which we are proud to be a big part of. 

We have been going nearly 16 years and have helped thousands and thousands of people. The first five years of our courses were run in a simulator with no flight at the end of it - we never thought of those people as not having achieved anything.  They would flew when they were ready sometime after the course.  It is all about getting the right help when you are ready to move you on in your process of getting rid of the fear. It takes tremendous courage to even sign up for a course like this. So, well done to everyone yesterday and to all those thousands of people out there flying much more happily as a result of our help.

Take care
Paul & Richard

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  1. Such an achievement! This will be an inspiration to everyone who wants to travel without hesitation. Till the next flight...