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BA Flight 762 incident 24th May 2013

The BA Flight incident on 24th May
A lot of people have written to us asking for our take on the flight incident on 24th May.  We have waited for 24 hours before writing this as we were hoping more facts would come out.  There is a lot of news but still, a real absence of facts.  The main thing we are going to say is the same as in our Facebook and tweets Friday...'We don't really know what happened for definite and we will wait for the facts from the investigation.'
The thing about aviation is that on the rare occasion anything actually happens, there is always a full investigation and the facts learned are shared to prevent the incident occurring again.
Some of the headlines/guesses we have seen from different sources:
'plane on fire over London' according to SKY
'no fire on board' BBC (This was later removed)
'speculation of bird strike' Mirror
The Facts
  • The flight was BA 762
  • It took off and then landed back safely into Heathrow
  • Some of the engine was exposed
  • Something was coming from the right engine which looked like vapour or smoke
We don't know anything else yet.
Watching the video clip of this will not tell you much more.  We have watched it several times (we are not scared of flying so it won't affect us) and it is difficult to tell very much.  When we  are asked about this incident on Sunday at our Birmingham fear of flying course, we will say something like this:

'The crew are extremely well trained. They would have followed procedure and made decisions around what the right course of action was to take.  They had more information available to them than we do right now to make that decision.  The aircraft can take off with an engine failure and the take off calculations are made allowing for such an eventuality.  From the videos, it is hard to tell whether the engine was giving full or limited power.  If there was a fire in the engine, the automatic extinguishers would have activated plus the pilots would have starved the engine of fuel (remember it can fly quite happily on one engine)  Everything in aviation is about safety.  This incident will be fully investigated and the results published.  We will do a blog about it too when it does come out.  The fire crews and emergency services were scrambled at Heathrow as incidents are extremely rare and it is important to respond fully - as they did.'


We know that these images are disturbing for nervous (and maybe even non-nervous) flyers but watching them over and over again will only feed the fear. It will be investigated and whatever is found out, published.  Whatever happened, the crew followed their training and everyone walked away.  If we find out anything else, we will let you know.

Take care
Paul and Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

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