Monday, 15 April 2013

Turbulence research

Did you see the turbulence research that came out last week?

We suggest that it is not as dramatic as the Doctor suggests. Here is a clip We suggest watch it and then read the rest of this blog...

Here is a view from one of our pilot speakers:

'I read this article and although the science bit seems solid, the fact still remains is that we endeavour to avoid turbulence and that will not change. We do not flight plan through areas of predicted severe turbulence. The prediction models will only get better in the future thus enabling to be more accurate in the prediction of turbulence.'

On our courses, we always remind people that aircraft are not troubled by turbulence. The reason we avoid it is for comfort only.  If you are strapped into your seat, no matter how bumpy it gets, no matter how uncomfortable it gets... you are safe.

We know some people love turbulence, they are not bothered by it. In fact,
some people tell us that they like it as it 'rocks them to sleep.' For the very nervous, you can only dream of such things!  We know that a lot of the people that came onto our courses were on edge all the time, anticipating the turbulence arriving. They often imagine the aircraft being shaken apart. This won't happen.  

We know it is worrying which is why it was such big news last week and also came up on our Luton course on Sunday 14th April.  We heard it on many of the radio stations and in fact Paul (co founder) did an interview with BBC Radio Norfolk on the subject.

Take care
Paul & Richard
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  1. I'm so pleased to see your response to this, I've been waiting to read your voice of reason!

    The Daily Mail did a dreadful article about it last week telling people
    "Air turbulence does more than just interrupt the service of in-flight drinks. It injures hundreds of passengers and aircrew every year - sometimes fatally. It also causes delays and damages planes." Since attending your course over 3 years ago I have been maddened and frustrated by the media's overly dramatic reporting of anything 'plane/flight' related and this is no exception.

    A previously terrified flyer I now fly around the world every few weeks without fear and 2 years ago I even agreed to emigrate to the States, vastly increasing my number of flights/year - when we meet turbulence I still use as my mantra "uncomfortable, not dangerous" and I share the 'Pooh Sticks' analogy with anyone and everyone who ever tells me of their own fear.

    I thank you every time I book a flight for changing my life :D