Thursday, 11 April 2013

Thank you email

From: shefali choudhury
Date: 7 April 2013 15:58:39 BST
Subject: Course feedback

Hi there,

I don't know if I'm sending feedback to the right place but it was the only email I could find, so if not maybe you could forward it on.

I did one of your courses at Gatwick last spring and, like a lot of the other people on my table, I thought I'd probably be the only one it didn't work for. My problem was mainly with flying but also a general claustrophobia, which is why I thought the course might not work. But I've done 10 flights since then and each one is getting a little bit better. I also worked up from short flights to medium ones and hoping to go on a long haul flight at some point within the next 12 months. This doesn't sound like a miracle cure I know but the effect really has been. I can't say it hasn't been an effort to get flying again but I've used the tools I got with the course every time, from the part about the practical aspects of flight to the calming exercises. I think your advice to go on a short flight soon after the course is spot on. Taking us on a flight on the day was really excellent and for me it's been about building up several more positive flight experiences since then, rather than some magic turnaround on the day. But it's really worth persevering because these are permanent changes.

In short it's about the best thing I've ever done. And I'm almost enjoying parts of the flight now, which I never hoped to achieve - I just wanted something that would enable me to get on a plane again and survive. Plus I've been on holiday lots of times for the first time in ages and seen family and friends I couldn't see before, so I feel more relaxed in general. And the fear of flying doesn't stop me thinking about work opportunities or holidays in the future. Every single second of the day was useful, even the little comments from the flight attendants helping out come back to me when I'm stressed in the airport and calm me right down.  It's also had a knock on effect in other claustrophobic type situations so I'm generally much less stressed out all of the time.

So in all I feel my quality of life has improved immensely since taking this course. It's a financial investment but so worth it and it is one of those things you walk away from to find that the benefits just grow and grow. That was something I didn't anticipate. Very strangely when something does happen, like a scary plane headline in the papers or bad turbulence on a flight, an aborted landing or hold up at the airport etc, I find the training kicks in and I don't feel panicked. I suppose I thought that a huge airline company running a fear of flying course made financial sense and is great PR too, which of course it is - but the course really is very high quality and much more effective than I could have imagined. It's not taught as some kind of Virgin add-on but in a 100% genuine way to help people embrace flying and deal with fears. The team running the course and doing the talks really make it so effective because they all exude credibility and authority, so you don't feel that you're just listening to a set corporate course. They really seem very genuine about what they do and the whole experience has left me with a positive feeling.

So I just wanted to say a belated thank you and that I hope you keep running the course with the same format because it really works.

Best regards


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