Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Super post card from very grateful delegate

It is a great part of the work that we do here... We received loads of great postcards like this one below.  It reads:

So, maybe you are reading this whilst waiting outside the meeting room?  It is early and you are apprehensive.  You are there because you want to change things and travel.  By the time you leave later, you will have done this. It will no longer be something that 'other people do.'  The whole team are fabulous. They know what they are doing. Trust them... The flight here was great. Must smoother than bus or train. We left snow in the UK and have had 2 lovely weeks in the sun. We fly back in 2 days. I am looking forward to relaxing and listening to the music as I am taken home. Planning to fly again in September to France. And now know that when I go to Ireland to see family, it will take me an hour and not a day!  Well done for being there, you are not alone. It works!! 

Thank you so much all of the team at Virgin FWF. This is the only postcard I have sent. You got me here and I can't thank you enough. And yes, my life has changed.  Have a great day everyone, much love.  Jill McCarthyxxxx (on the balcony)  Birmingham October 2012 course.

Getting ready for our Manchester fear of flying course this weekend...

Take care,

Paul & Richard

Fear of flying group courses 2013:  Newcastle 12th May; Edinburgh 19th May; Birmingham 26th May; Southampton 23rd June; Gatwick 7th July; Luton 25th August - All £255 including VAT


Banish Stress Forever Workshop – 17th June 2013 Gatwick area.  Price. £125 including VAT & parking & refreshments

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