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Courses coming up...

We have a whole bunch of courses coming up...Still places left - see below.

We know that there are other courses 'out there' but no-one else does it the way we do... Here is some recent feedback from Luton last weekend:
WOW!!! A miracle happened 14.04.2013. a team of beautiful people got ME on an aeroplane!! :o Something my family had resigned themselves to NEVER seeing. It was 36 years since my first and last flight………bags of time for me to make up incredible stories in my imagination!   I had only been at the venue 15-20 minutes and panic set in……..and I was in tears. Within seconds a warm, friendly voice was reassuring me and convincing me that I really wasn’t stupid. As the day went on my anxiety peaked and troughed but I was aware that Captain Dave (Pilot extraordinaire :)) and Janine (Virgin Airline Hostess with the mostest!! :P who just happened to be my team leader) were SO reassuring and incredibly easy to talk to. We were put in teams of 11-12 so it didn’t matter if you were on your own……..and most of us were on our own. Each team had a team leader.

The team leaders were on hand to keep a close eye on each individual member of their team but the whole group of organisers methodically and clearly answered ALL our questions and allayed many fears. This may be hard to believe but so is the fact that I GOT ON A PLANE AND ENJOYED IT!! Yes……. I was petrified ……..but this wonderful team of people helped me to overcome how I was feeling. :roll: Behavioural experts were also on hand with expert advice.

The in-flight commentary was so reassuring and made such a difference………every little motion of the aircraft was explained. We did some ‘banking’ and some ascending/descending – I was unbelievably calm and IN THE AIR!!!! I was looking out of the window most of the time AND REALLY, TRULY ENJOYED IT!! My only regret is that I don’t have it on video!  I’m still flying through the air now and just can’t come down. I don’t currently have any future flights booked but I will definitely fly again -It was fantastic – the best £255 I ever spent. I would thoroughly recommend this course. It will be the first day of the rest of your life!! :D Many thanks to the whole Virgin team. xx


I just want to send a massive massive thank you to all at the course for a fantastic day at Luton. The course organisers and participants – especially Richard, Paul, Captain David and our team leader David Gott – were all incredible, they made the day interesting, fun, and helped quell all the myths and fears we’ve all worked up in ourselves!! They were lovely at answering all our questions, and incredibly knowledgeable, and there was lots of one-to-one help available for anyone who was finding it all a bit much.

During the course itself I wasn’t sure if I was feeling any different towards flying (although as Richard pointed out to me, I was able to wolf down a big lunch which normally I would never do if I was flying that night, I’d be too scared!!) – but when I got to the airport I realised I wasn’t feeling scared at seeing the planes at the gate, when normally even a picture of a plane is enough to set me off. Oooh, this is good, I thought! As we boarded the plane again I felt no fear at all – and I ‘made’ myself sit on my own at a window seat, near the wing, as this is something I have never ever done before (I normally avoid windows like the plague). Our team leaders all came on the plane with us, as well as Captain Dave, and they were excellent to answer any questions or concerns we had. During take off, instead of burying my face in my hands and crying hysterically as I always do (praying to survive the next few minutes!), I made myself listen to the advice given during the day and instead relaxed and looked out of the window for the whole experience. It was INCREDIBLE. The difference between what you see and what you feel is absolutely amazing – and the team were right, it is SO much better to look outside and let your eyes confirm what is really happening, rather than trusting your not-so-reliable balance senses! It actually made me really emotional – I won’t deny I shed a few tears – but they were tears of happiness, at having taken off in a plane without any fear whatsoever for the first time in my life, and being able to look at the most beautiful view out of the window.

It was really good to have the pilots speaking to us over the tannoy for the whole flight, explaining what every little noise and movement was, and the pilots also did a variety of things like banking, raising & lowering height, taking us through clouds etc. so we could experience what those all felt like. I have never felt so safe, supportive, or happy on a flight – I LOVED it. I wasn’t expecting to love it – I was hoping for a slight reduction in fear which would have been enough for me – but love it I did. If I could do a cartwheel, I would have been doing them all over the plane!!!

I am flying to Australia in 5 weeks and I am now actually really looking forward to the flight (can’t believe I’m actually saying that!) – I always used to have to take a lot of medication and alcohol to fly but now I know I won’t even need that. I would recommend the course to anyone who is frightened of flying – these guys really can help! :D

Thank to all at Flying Without Fear for their invaluable help – you really have changed my life in terms of flying, and actually in other situations too as I’m sure the techniques we learnt can be applied to anything – and I shall send a postcard from Oz! :D        Many thanks from the bottom of my heart,  Emma (the one with all the smiles!!!!)

Manchester 28th April 2013

Newcastle  12th May 2013

Edinburgh 19th May 2013

Birmingham 26th May 2013

Southampton 23rd June 2013

Gatwick 7th July 2013

Luton 25th August 2013

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