Wednesday, 13 March 2013

New workshops coming up soon

New workshops – soon
Developing resilience one day course – 13th May

We are pleased and very lucky to be able to offer this amazing one day course (only 25 spaces) with Michael Neenan.  For those of you that move in the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy circles, Michael will be well known to you. This workshop will be offered at £125 only.  This will include light refreshments, a buffet lunch and parking.  Michael trained Paul Tizzard (co founder of this programme) in REBT which is why we know you will enjoy what Michael has to say.

What is the workshop about?

Why is one person able to deal with multiple crises in their life while another person crumbles in the face of the slightest misfortune? The answer to this question is resilience: the ability to persevere in the face of tough times and emerge from them stronger, wiser and more capable. Resilience is not the gift of a chosen few, but the capacity that anyone can develop. This course will examine, among other things, myths about resilience, attitudes that help or hinder the development of resilience, key factors that make up a resilient outlook and activities that course participants can undertake in their own lives to increase their inner strength. Research shows that a resilient outlook is of central importance in helping us to deal with not only tragedy and crisis but also with the difficulties of daily life. You might be surprised to find out that you are stronger than you think

Banish stress forever workshop - 17th June

We are delighted to be able to offer you a day with Kevin Laye who will share his immense knowledge and skills to help you ‘banish stress forever.’

What is the workshop about?

Stress in endemic in today’s society and can affect all areas of our life, including our physical health and general well-being. Figures from the World Health Organisation state that by 2020 stress will be the greatest contributor to death in the world. We have more things to do in less time and this along with other stressors can lead us to make poor decisions and choices, many of which have serious consequences, and lead us to a feeling of being out of control and often looking for solutions in the wrong places.

“My aim on this workshop is to give you the tools to take back control and fix these issues yourself easily and rapidly using a powerful mix of proven modern psychological techniques.”  Kevin Laye
Richard Conway has seen Kevin in action so we know that you will enjoy the day

Take care and hope to see you there...

Paul & Richard

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