Thursday, 7 March 2013

Don't give up on yourself

This email came recently. We love getting them as they are so rewarding to read.  The reason that we have chosen this one to share is that Nadine arrived on our course with what we might call 'not the best attitude?!' In fairness, she is in good company - a lot of people can't believe what can be achieved in a day.... Anyway, read for yourself and we hope that you find it useful...

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From: nadine khan
Date: Sat, 2 Mar 2013 20:45:11
To: info@
Subject: Thank you!

Hello flying without fear

Last year I decided to do something about my fear of flying, I booked the course at Manchester in April 2012, I thought it wouldn't help, be a waste of money an thought my fear was something I would never get over, how wrong was I!?

After leaving Manchester I drove home feeling like a different person, I couldn't wait to share the news with my family that I did it, I got on the plane and I was fine!

A week after the course I booked a weekend away to Majorca, I was a bit nervous about the flight but used all the techniques I learnt from the course, I even had a little cry, but to my surprise I loved the flight, so I booked to go away again in June, an again in September an went to Paris in December, that's 8 flights since April!!!

Anyway this year in may I'm going on my first girly holiday for my 30th birthday something that wouldn't have been possible without the fantastic work you an the rest of the team do, so thank you!

I just wanted to share my positive experience I have had since completing the course!

Please thank Richard and the rest of the guys on my behalf! I recommend the course to anybody that has the same fear I once had!

Keep up the good work guys!

Nadine x
Fear of flying group courses 2013: Gatwick 10th March; Children 10th March; London Luton 14th April; Manchester 28th April; Newcastle 12th May; Edinburgh 19th May; Birmingham 26th May; Leeds Bradford 2nd June; Southampton 23rd June - All £255 including VAT


Developing Resilience Workshop – 13th May 2013 Gatwick area; Banish Stress Forever Workshop – 17th June 2013 Gatwick area.  Price. £125 including VAT & parking & refreshments
Take care
Paul & Richard

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