Sunday, 24 March 2013

Change in policy by TSA

Did you see this?

The US transportation security administration (TSA) has changed its policy on what you can take on-board an aircraft.  You can now take small penknives, golf clubs and hockey sticks on board. You still can't take large bottles of shampoo, bottles of water etc...

The TSA said in USA Today, 'it is an intelligence-based, risk-based decision.'  'Pocket knives and clubs can no longer bring down a plane; a small container of liquid can.'

Our take on this?

With the change in procedures since 9/11, airlines are not an easy target. The flight deck is locked now with re-enforced doors.  It is a changed landscape to how things were.  The question that is most in the mind is this, 'Why on Earth does anyone need a penknife on-board in the first place?'

Anything like that, if needed at the destination, can surely be packed into suitcases and carried in the hold with the rest of the luggage?  The TSA would have not made this decision lightly so we may need to respect the intelligence they have...

What do you think?

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