Monday, 18 March 2013

2nd edition of our book

A few years ago, we wrote our book 101 fear of flying questions answered.  This was in response to many people asking for help but unfortunately they were unable to fly to us to attend the course. 

Over a period of 12 months, we collated all the flip charts that we use on our fear of flying courses. These contained hundreds of questions that get asked on every course. Plus, we took the most common (and sometimes dramatic) questions from our message board/forum. 

The combination of these two sources made up the questions in our book which we then answered.

For the past 12 months, we have been updating the book to bring out the 2nd edition. We need three more questions...Or, we could change the book to 98 questions!? 

As we have been carefully re-reading the book, we have noticed a couple of questions were not that great so we want to replace them.


If you have read the book, or even if you haven't, we would love to hear a new question or three that we haven't thought of....  If you do have any ideas, please EMAIL us.
Take care,
Paul & Richard
Future events:
Free phone in seminar: 27th March 1900 hours (UK)
The next free audio cast will be led by Co-Founder Paul Tizzard.  Topic will be talking about the common fear patterns that fearful people fall into. This is an elaboration of what Paul talks about on the group courses so will be both a good introduction and a refresher. There will be a chance for questions after 30 minutes of talking. The total time will be 45 minutes.   Phone number is 0844 4 737144  and the pin number is 833272.  Look forward to talking to you then…By the way, we don’t charge for this service but the conference provider will charge you about 4.5 pence per minute so total cost to you approx £3 – not bad?!
If you missed the talk on 27th Feb on staying fear free after attending a course.  (The content was not just for those that have attended the courses.)  There is a password which is:  fwffeb2013  Here is the Download link 
Fear of flying group courses 2013: London Luton 14th April; Manchester 28th April; Newcastle 12th May; Edinburgh 19th May; Birmingham 26th May; Leeds Bradford 2nd June; Southampton 23rd June; Gatwick 7th July - All £255 including VAT
Developing Resilience Workshop – 13th May 2013 Gatwick area; Banish Stress Forever Workshop – 17th June 2013 Gatwick area.  Price. £125 including VAT & parking & refreshments

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