Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Why don't the pilots talk much?

This question comes up on nearly every course. Especially after our narrated flight at the end of our courses.  Many delegates will often say, 'If only the pilots would explain everything on normal flights, I would feel safer.'  'Why don't they talk more?'

I am sure that this would be helpful for you but unfortunately there are a couple of important things to say here:

Regular travellers would be driven bonkers as they just want peace and quiet.  They mostly want to just eat, sleep and be left alone!

The second point is this. The pilots are all fantastic to get to this level of flying commercially. They are employed to be great at doing what they do.  Some pilots don't really like talking on the public address system. They like flying.  So, for some, when it comes to speaking to you in the back, they may even seem a bit hesitant.  As if this wasn't bad enough, they may try to cover it up with a flippant comment.  'We are going to hold at Heathrow for a bit until we are allowed to land - I do hope we put enough fuel on!  Hey, hey...'

These sort of comments are intended to lighten the mood and show you that they are mostly quite human(!)  Please don't be too hard on them.  Also, don't think that if they are not talking to you it is because they have nodded off! The cabin crew check on them all the time...

Take care
Paul & Richard

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