Thursday, 7 February 2013

When to attend a course?

This question, we are asked every week. 

Q. When should I attend your course?  Or, I have a flight in 6 months time, when is best to attend?

The answer, sorry to say, is not simple. It actually depends on you. Some people book our course literally just before they are about to fly and they do that because they want it to be fresh. Other people might book it 6 months to a year before their actual flight. They do that to give themselves time to let their new learning 'bed in.'

What sort of person are you?  Are you a planner or a last minute crammer?!

The main decision point could be: 'When in my process of beating the fear of flying, should I do my course?' 

Beating a fear of flying is actually a process not just the one day. Don't get us wrong here.  There are many people that attend the course like a 'one-stop-shop' and off they go absolutely fine. There are also many people that are dealing with this fear (and maybe other fears too) on a more of a long term basis.  Our course will be a massive part of the overall strategy to rid themselves of fear.  It is very individual.

Take care,
Paul & Richard

The Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear Team

Helpful 12 minute video clip

Group course dates

Birmingham 24th February 2013
Gatwick 10th March 2013 (Adult and Young Person’s Course – run in separate rooms at same location)
London Luton 14th April 2013
Manchester 28th April 2013
Newcastle 12th May 2013
Edinburgh 19th May 2013
Leeds Bradford 2nd June 2013
Southampton 23rd June 2013

Other workshop dates

Developing Resilience Workshop – 13th May 2013 Gatwick area
Banish Stress Forever Workshop – 17th June 2013 Gatwick area

£125 including VAT & parking & refreshments

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