Sunday, 10 February 2013

The dreaded flying

We are very fortunate to have helped so many people over the years, it is still rewarding to get the thank yous. Here is one from this week - thank you Peter
From: Klondyke 1959 klondyke1959@removed
Date: Thu, 7 Feb 2013 15:03:31
To: Paul Tizzard, Flying without fear team
Subject: The dreaded flying

Hi all,

After your excellent course at Southampton on 2nd December 2012 I have taken you advice and flown again (2nd & 3rd time) within 3 months. We live in France and have driven to Spain for some winter sun. Following an invite from a friend in the UK to come to his "60th birthday bash" I decided to fly from Alicante to Bristol and back, for the weekend. I must admit that after all these years of having a fear of flying I am "hooked" and love every minute of it. Having completed the course I know what all the various noises are e.g. flaps, undercarriage etc. thanks to the explanation and commentary from "Captain Dave". We even had a little turbulence which I remembered being told could be a little uncomfortable, but not dangerous. Without the course I think that I could have been worried but everything was as explained. Full marks to all of you. The course has certainly made the world a much smaller place for me. Thanks once again.
Peter Westbrook  (Class of 2012)
PS. The "Birthday Bash" was worth flying to as well.

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