Tuesday, 8 January 2013

The Weather

Maybe because we are Brits, we like to talk about the weather?! 

Two weather related things happened today... First of all, a potential course attendee asked us whether we run courses over the winter period. I told her that we do and she gasped, 'How is it safe - I am not risking it!'

Secondly, I saw on Yahoo today news of an imminent cold snap - whatever that means! 

The bottom line is this in commercial aviation and our courses come under that banner....It is either safe to fly or it is not.  Anything that flies in commercial airspace over here has to meet the same rules. There are strict rules around weather too.  In fact, most modern commercial aircraft can auto land now if the airport has the right equipment there. It is something to behold sitting in the flight deck, watching the aircraft land itself in thick fog.  Fog so thick, the pilots can't see hardly anything. But it doesn't matter, there are strict rules and the aircraft lands itself whilst monitored by pilots.  Amazing stuff huh?!

Take care

Paul and Richard
Virgin Flying Without Fear

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