Thursday, 31 January 2013

Our wonderful team leaders

What would we do without them?

We always think this but it was really brought home to us this month.  In January, we ran two courses - one at Luton and one in Leeds.  Every course, no matter how large or small, has lots of helpers and table team leaders attend. This fantastic bunch of volunteers (giving up their days off) are a mixture of Virgin staff (ground and air) and people just like you that have beaten their fear of flying and want to help.

The following two examples are just a snippet of how dedicated they are:

Leeds January 2013
The Leeds course involves many of us driving up on Saturday night before the course from Gatwick area.  When we arrive, we set up the tables.  In the morning, we are up again at 0600 (or earlier) to set up the tables and room ready to receive you. After being on hand for you all day, they help pack up the room and then we drive back to Gatwick!
Luton January 2013
The Luton course was a very early start, so some of the team leaders drove up the day of the course which meant getting up at 0430 hours.  Once they arrive at the venue, again, there is the setting up ready to receive.

All of our table team leaders are extremely motivated and enthusiastic. Some of the Virgin staff even tell us that helping you at our courses is the best part of their jobs at Virgin! (I won't name names who said that...) 

For those of you that have not been on our course, you have yet to experience how great the team leaders are. We have one table team leader per table.  You are in tables of ten so that you always have someone nearby to talk to and to look after you.  This is every course and we have always done it this way. 

Even after a long day helping a lot of people that were extremely anxious, the team leaders are still smiling and laughing and enthusiastic. It is quite remarkable actually.

So from Richard and Paul - A huge THANKYOU!

By the way, this could have been written about any of the staff involved with this programme...The office staff (Lucy + Shirley), the pilots, therapists, Virgin Press office, marketing... and on and on it goes.  We are very fortunate to have such a great bunch of people that work with us. :)

The feedback below is just a few snippets from those two courses, but every course all the staff are raved about.
Leeds Snippets:
"Upon arrival at the hotel I got chatting to some lovely ladies and we all shared stories about our fears. We took our seats for the day on a table with the fantastic Kyle, a member of crew who was there to look after us for the day and help us. I am..."
"I must just say a huge thank you to our table leader Miss E.Mitchell who was a star ,she was the virgin rep who looked after us all day..."
"I cannot thank you all enough - our team leader - I cant remember her name - we were at the back of the room - (she's from Cas and loves bingo lol) was amazing - please please pass on my thanks to her - was great to meet her!"
Luton Snippets:
"My team leader was Graham Watkins, he was beyond excellent, and made himself available at every opportunity to answer questions and support the team..."
"Thanks to all the speakers who were engaging and knowledgeable and especially to Sophie who was an excellent team leader..."

Every single team leader (member of staff actually) gets mentioned and raved about during their time with us. 

Take care
Paul & Richard

P.S.  Sorry H, I didn't mention you in this blog but hope you know that we think you are wonderful?!

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