Sunday, 13 January 2013

Lessons from the dentist

This blog today, is going out whilst we run a course at Leeds Bradford...

This week, Paul went to the dentist. Paul continues...

Unexpectedly, I was reminded of some of our own lessons that we say to people with fears.  We talk about it sometimes in terms of fear is something that is natural. However, fear of aircraft has been learned at some point in your life. Once we have associated flying with fear, we then get all the normal reactions as if we fear we will perish. 

I don't have a fear of the dentist far as I know. However, the dentist pointed out that I was gripping the side of the chair. He said to me, "If you aren't relaxed, then you will literally feel every single movement, scape, tug etc that I make."

We say this on our courses. If you are tense when we fly the aircraft, you are going to feel every single tiny movement.  In fact, you will often feel movements that aren't even there.


I went to the hygienist and she gave me a gold star for my teeth hygiene - just felt I needed to share that.  She then said, "I try to help our patients to look after their teeth. I teach them what to do. Then, they have to go away and do it. We find it takes 14 days of practice for it to become a new habit."

On our courses, we ask people to be mindful of what they do after they have left us. We show them lots of techniques and approaches that they can use.  Our attendees then need to go away and keep practicing for a little longer to change their habitual thought patterns.  We always ask our attendees if they would be willing to put in as much effort to get rid of the fear as they have maintaining it? It is a thought isn't it.

Take care

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

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