Thursday, 3 January 2013

Christmas Eve Fear

Happy New Year!

Did you have a good break over the Christmas and New Year period?

Our office was shut but as always, we had lots of emails from people that are keen to get rid of their fears.  We are getting ready for a great year running a full service course to help nervous flyers using our 15+ year's experience.

On Christmas Eve, Paul went on his motorbike to beat the queues for last minute wrapping paper.  This provided an interesting reminder of how fear works...

First of all, as we have said before, the brain is there to keep us alive. It is constantly scanning for threats and sends out the necessary chemicals to take action if needs be. As we have also said before, the brain does this for actual threats AND perceived threats (that may turn out to be an over-reaction)

So, Paul gets on his motorbike and as he climbed onto it, he started to imagine how awful it would be to get killed near Christmas! His mind starts to dwell on images of going under lorries etc.  This could go two ways. This could make Paul extra careful to stop it happening.

Or, it could scare him so much that he develops a fear of riding.  This could start really subtlety such as tensing up when it rains or when turning a corner or when a lorry passes.  This if left unchecked, will grow to the point where Paul will start to change his behaviour. For example, this recently nurtured fear could create one of the following situations:

1. Complete avoidance of riding due to the risks (There is a huge risk riding a motorbike which is a decision that a lot of riders make.  The difference is here, the decision is not being made logically)
2. Continues to ride but only under certain conditions ( A lot of riders will only go out in sunny weather to minimize risk. That is rational.  It becomes irrational when the rider has to go out on certain days, wearing certain 'lucky' items and over checking all the time)

These sort of behaviours could be called 'catastrophising', 'what-if' ing and imagining your demise in glorious detail!  All of these are normal routes that fear can take. 

Luckily, we all know here how to 'nip it in the bud' as we say in the UK. Get rid of the fear before it starts to become a conditioned pattern and then ultimately, a self-limiting belief.  And this is just some of the stuff that we cover on our courses....

Take care
Paul and Richard
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