Thursday, 10 January 2013

Beating a fear is a process

We liked this 'thank you email' a lot.   One of the things that we say on our courses is that getting rid of a fear is a process.  We are a great part of an overall process of getting rid of your fear. 

Many people come to the course as a 'one-stop-shop' and get what they need. They fly and they drop us an occasional post card or email to say how they are doing - which we really appreciate. 

For others, we are part of a process of getting rid of the fear.  If you imagine that some people may have had their fear for 40-50 years, it may take them some time to turn those unhelpful thoughts around.  We believe that people put a lot of pressure on themselves to be perfect and fearless from day one. We don't think that does you any favours to think like that.  Although our day course suggests that you should cartwheel onto the aircraft at the end of the course, we really don't expect everyone to do that.   We want you to face the fear when you are ready.

If you want to come on the course and not fly on the day, that is fine. Paul or Richard (co-founders) always stay behind at the airport if someone doesn't want to fly that day. They then talk you through some options about next steps.  You were not born with the fear, you learned it. That means it is possible to learn something new. This is quick for some people and not for others. And that is fine.

The email below from Janine is a cracker because she never gave up. She came on one of our courses, didn't want to fly that day. She came back just to try for a flight again. Her fear was still too much. So, she took our advice, went away and thought about what else she could do to help herself. Then, she came back and flew with us no problems.  We are pleased to have been part of Janine's process.  Read for yourself...

Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2013 00:21:34
Subject: Fear of flying

Hello Paul and Richard.

I came and did a flight with you last year after failing to do it on the course the year before.
Since then I have managed to do 4 flights and I am about to go to New York for a long weekend with friends.

From a young age I had always had a fear of flying and found it impossible to board a plane let alone fly to a destination for a holiday.

By my 30th birthday I had decided that I really needed to take action to sort the phobia out, I really felt that I was missing out from seeing the world and trying new cultures.

It was at this point that I discovered Take Flight flying club and Virgin flying without fear.
The MD of Take Flight, and now a very good friend of mine was fantastic and completely changed my outlook into flying. He took the time to reassure me and built up my confidence enough to come back and have another go at the flight with Virgin, and with the help of you I finally managed to do it.

Since then I have not looked back and regularly fly to new destinations.
More importantly my phobia has completely gone and I will be forever grateful to you and Take Flight for spending the time with me to help me overcome this.

I would love to be able to use my experience gained to help others overcome their fear of flying.

Janine W

2013 group courses so far:
Leeds Bradford 13th January; London Luton 20th January; Birmingham 24th February; Gatwick 10th March; Children 10th March; Manchester 28th April: Newcastle 12th May; Edinburgh 19th May – All £255 including VAT

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Developing Resilience with Michael Neenan - 13th May
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