Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Turbulence Question

A question came up on a recent course which we thought was worth sharing with you...
Question to Adelle, our pilot speaker.

Q1.  What are you doing in the Flight Deck during turbulence?

Answer. Not much

Q2 (SAME PERSON now shocked)
...are you not wrestling with the controls or worried?

Answer 2.  No, not at all....

Adelle then went onto explain the reality of turbulence to an aircraft.

Turbulence is not dangerous to the aircraft, it is just uncomfortable to the humans inside. We are not in danger as long as we are strapped in. The aircraft has such inertia flying along at 4-500 miles an hour, that it hardly moves up and down very much at all. The pilots will, if they can, climb or descend to avoid the turbulence. But that is only for our comfort not for safety reasons. There are no safety concerns to the aircraft during turbulence. It is just our soft, squishy bodies that the flight deck are trying to protect by putting seat belt signs on. If we are walking about and the aircraft wobbles just a couple of inches, then we could fall over and harm ourselves.

Our attendees will often report that the aircraft fell. Which it doesn't. If you could ride up the front during turbulence, you could see how little the aircraft moves on the altimeter.

The Hollywood Version of Turbulence!

Pilots wearing full uniform and their hats. Fighting the control column and beads of sweat pouring off their heads!!! Have you seen that?

Actual reality.

The flight deck is a very calm place with good, free flowing communication. When you could walk in to say hello (pre 9/11), you would see one pilot monitoring the systems whilst another maybe does a crossword! They consult each very calmly and directly before any button, dial or screen is altered.

This image might surprise you???

It is intended to help...

Take care,

Paul & Richard
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