Monday, 24 December 2012

Fabulous feedback from November Manchester Course

WOW Well what can I say!!! On the morning of the course I was nervous. Couldn't even stomach breakfast and only just managed a cup of tea. I think not knowing what to expect from the course and knowing i was going to be going on a flight contributed to the nerves.

What was I nervous for??? I know its easy to say don't be nervous but after going on this course from the moment you enter the room it has an amazing atmosphere especially being able to talk to people in the same situation as myself. Everyone was friendly and Paul and Richard were on hand to greet every person individually. The room looked quite formal and convention like however once underway it was laid back and enjoyable. Being placed in tables really helped and helped us all bond even if for the day. The tactics used well, I was sceptical about at first but I put them to use on the flight and THEY WORK!!! The team leaders were fab and mine sat next to me and a fellow attendee on the flight and kept us calm and collected. He even passed comment on how after take off i spent the time actually staring out the window rhythmically playing with my elastic band. Gillian and Paul's breathing techniques and advice were fab!!

My main concern was noises and physical problems with the aircraft but Adelle the pilot put these to rest. She spent as long as necessary going through every point and even let us answer the questions we were making up as after her presentation everything seemed so obvious. I learned so much from this course and I am sooooo excited about showing my boyfriend that I have been able to make progress from this course. He's taking me to Iceland In February and I have already started prepping and reading my Richard and Paul approved flying book. I cannot wait to put the techniques back into practice as I am so proud of how far I have come. I usually hyperventilate and panic once on the flight but i didn't even feel one starting. Yes I admit it has not rid myself of the anxiety of taking off but i used the breathing techniques to help ease my discomfort and once up in the air it felt great. Like Paul said you can start to rid yourself of the fear by de-stabling it first and i have certainly done that. The course does not guarantee a quick fix but does equip you with the skills to make a good start.

Everyone asked me when i got home how it was and they couldn't believe the girl who used to be scared and mortified of the prospect of getting on a flight had a massive smile on her face and was so excited. I was proud i got on the flight and started to conquer this fear but also the difference it made to my thinking and approach to flying. It has changed my life!

My advice is if your considering taking this course then do it!!! I now want to be able to help others who were in my position. I need to get a few flights under my belt first.

SO if your hovering over that book button then just click and take the first step like i did in changing your views to flying. You will not regret it

A HUGE thank you to everyone, Paul, Richard, Adelle and Gillian for everything. I'm so excited for February and will let you know how it goes. Fingers crossed
Christmas and New Year are the time when many of our customers face their fears. For years, many put it off until the fear of flying is just too inconvenient now. The fear is controlling them and not the other way around.  If you have had enough and seriously are sick and tired of being scared of flying, please give us the opportunity to help you.

Merry Christmas

Take care,

Paul & Richard

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