Monday, 17 December 2012

Hudson Crash Landing

This was a great question that came up on a course a couple of weeks ago.

Question to pilot:

Q. What happened with the Hudson crash landing?
A. Pardon?
Q. What happened with the Hudson crash landing?
A. ...the Hudson what?
Q. (delegate starting to get annoyed) I SAID, WHAT happened with the Hudson Crash Landing?
A. ...the Hudson what?!
Q. Oh...
Then the penny dropped. We reminded her of the power of words which was mentioned during the psychology session. 

We use words without thinking about what we are actually saying.

The Hudson River landing was an emergency landing. It was not a crash landing. No-one crashed. The pilots and crew carried out a drill called 'ditching'. This is what LANDING on water is called. Only the media call an emergency landing a CRASH landing = sell more papers!

In fact, if you search Google for the incident around the Hudson, it auto prompts you with the words, 'Hudson River Plane Crash'...

What can we say?!

Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear Programme

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