Friday, 30 November 2012

What does our fear of flying course give you?

People often say to us after our fear of flying course, 'Wow, I would have paid thousands of pounds to feel like this right now.'

That does not mean we are going to up the price!

Our full day course costs £255.  What does that give you?  Well, of all the thousands of people that have joined us over the years, that small investment has given them a lifetime of memories.  It has also given their relatives, friends and children more choices about how they spend their valuable holiday time. For some, it has opened up job opportunities that they would have previously snubbed.

If you compare this to what £255 would buy you normally...

A fortnight's shopping for a family of four
A basic service to your car
A couple of pairs of poshish jeans...

It is not to say that these things are not important too - but do they give you anything lasting? However, when you join us as part of your process of beating your fears, you are investing in your future.  We have spent over 15 years helping people just like you to beat their fears.

As a small plug for what you get on your day...

  • £255 includes all fees/admin charges/insurances
  • Proper food and refreshments all day (People are frequently amazed that they are able to eat the same day as a flight when they are with us)
  • Full day course with us (all of our courses are a solid 8+ hours long as we don't believe in quick fixes)
  • Free 2000 Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles
  • offer you a unique training method, which includes sitting in small groups of 8 – 10 people with a dedicated team leader / cabin crew trainer. This way you will feel fully supported and your individual needs addressed. We find that our small groups bond and support each other throughout the day to help you overcome your fear of flying. We could seat you in rows alone without staff support but this is not the Virgin way.
  • Use CURRENT Virgin Atlantic pilots and crew members
  • Offer full 24 hour online booking facilities or call our office (office hours)
  • Invested in an independent feedback system called the ‘Message Board’. Do please see for yourself why people just like you rave about our courses.
  • Use a whole range of psychological tools & techniques to help you combat your fears. These are delivered by highly qualified, well known practitioners. Paul McKenna said this about just one of the techniques that we use “I have been practicing TFT and evangelistically spreading the word of this wonderful technology now for several years and I never cease to be amazed by the powerful effect that it has upon people to change their lives for the better”.
  • Give expert care from beginning to end. If for any reason, someone chooses not the fly at the end of the day, one of our team will stay with you and escort you back. We won’t leave you alone at the airport.
  • Employ approximately a 1 to 8 staff ratio on the day. Our highly skilled team leaders work with us as volunteers. The only reason that they volunteer, is that they love to help people just like you to overcome your fears. The feedback on our ‘Message Board’ regularly shows the high value that you place on our team leaders.
  • Have every member of the fear of flying team present for the whole day to answer any of your questions
Take care
Paul & Richard

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