Monday, 12 November 2012

Success story sent by email today


From: Emily Davies <emilyjdavies@<removed> 
To: <>
Subject: Success Story.

I wanted to write to tell you my success story.

I took your course at Gatwick last November. I have always flown but had started getting more and more nervous and panicky about flying, so much so that it was affecting my holidays as I spent most of the time worrying about the flight back. I have close family abroad so knew I couldn't stop flying, so decided to take your course to see if it would help.

Your course was amazing, and answered all the questions I could ever have had about flying, as well as giving me techniques to cope with the flight. About 2 weeks after the course, I flew to America and back, feeling much more relaxed and confident with the whole procedure. I thought that was all I would be able to do in terms of flying but your course gave me so much more.

I'm volunteering as a nurse in Uganda at the moment and last week had to take a sick child on an emergency flight for specialist treatment. The plane was tiny - 6 seats and a single propeller. Before your course I wouldn't have been able to watch someone else take the flight without feeling nervous and worried for them, but I confidently got on that plane, and actually enjoyed the adventure and excitement of the flight. I was even able to reassure the other nurse with me who had never flown before what was happening and not to worry.

So thank you again for your wonderful course. I attach photos to show you what you helped me achieve.

Thank you!

Emily Davies

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