Monday, 19 November 2012

About that last blog

On Sunday 18th November, we ran a course at Gatwick.  It was just brilliant to see everybody fly that came onto the course.  We, as do you, know that this is such a huge step for people to take.  Some of the delegates had not flown for over 40 years. Some had never flown. There is lots of comments coming in on the message board for you to see if you like.

Beating a fear of flying is a process. We are happy to be part of the process and we know that whatever stage a person is at, we are able to help them significantly.  Although many thousands have reported that they are 'sorted' in a day, they still need to be careful.

Careful of what?

They (and all of us) have to be careful to maintain the good habit. Once we have experienced decreased anxiety or no anxiety, our brain goes into a bit of spin!   People report that they have an inner argument with themselves.

One part of them will be saying, 'That is amazing, I can't believe I did it!'

Another part will then say, 'You stupid idiot! Why didn't you do the course earlier?! Think of all those flights and trips we have missed out on!!!'

Generally speaking, we do not find it helpful long term to beat yourself up! What has happened in the past is where it belongs ... in the past!  There is a lot we can do from here onwards though....

We have to be careful to not slip back into old, habitual thought patterns.  Once you have started on the journey of beating your fear of flying, you can never look back. You must never read any articles linked to flying in media that you don't trust the source of 100% as it can re-stimulate the fear/old thought patterns.  You can never talk about yourself as a nervous flyer. You need to replace that phrase with,'I used to be a very nervous flyer but I am getting over it or, it is getting better...'  You cannot afford the luxury of going back to the 'dark ways' of thinking about flying as the demon is always there lurking...
One delegate told us of a personal battle that she had to overcome to attend the course. She had signed up to read these blogs and then the first one that she received was talking about Susan Jeffers dying! A part of her took this to be an omen or bad sign. She still came on the course and did the flight with hugely decreased anxiety though.

Take care
Paul & Richard
Future Courses
Edinburgh 25th November
Southampton 2nd December
Leeds Bradford 13th January 2013
London Luton 20th January 2013
Newcastle 3rd February 2013
Birmingham 24th February 2013
Gatwick 10th March 2013
Manchester 28th April 2013

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