Thursday, 18 October 2012

Okay fear vs not okay fear

Last week, we were approached by The National Geographic channel to see if we could help some people that were scared of Rollercoasters.  Unfortunately, it didn't work out for various reasons.

However, it got us thinking...

As we were describing how we helped Peter Andre with his fear of rollercoasters (did you see that on his show Peter Andre - My Life?) we discussed something really obvious to us that surprised the TV researcher.

We discussed the idea of fear and rollercoasters. Peter, like a lot of people who are scared of things such as rollercoasters said something on his show like, 'I feel scared but I am still going to do it.' This was credit to his huge determination of course. But also, it made a very relevant point...

It is okay to be scared slightly. Or just apprehensive.  In fact, that is the point of rollercoasters - they are meant to be scary.  It is appropriate and a wanted fear for those that ride them. 

It is okay to feel a little apprehensive if you are about to embark upon something you consider to be challenging.  If flying is something that you are not too comfortable doing, it is okay to be a little fearful. That, to you, is your scary thing and when you face your fears, you are setting yourself a challenge. 

Don't know if you have noticed this, but the feelings of being excited about something and the feelings of being scared of something feel pretty similar? It is the label that we attach to the feelings with our thoughts that define what it is...

So, the big decision is when we have fear...  Is the fear I am feeling an appropriate and okay amount for what I am about to do? Or, is it just a bit too much fear which makes me feel overwhelmed? There must be a line that is crossed which is different for everyone - don't you think?

Just a thought...

Take care
Paul & Richard

P.S. Check out the location from where THIS blog was written today!!!!  Sorry... not showing off really.

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