Thursday, 4 October 2012

Free Chat With Us

Once a month, we are going to start doing something that we used to run quite regularly a few years ago - a free phone in.
Here's the plan:
You dial in at a certain time and date and you will get one or more of us talking to you. We will pick a different subject each month depending on what we think is going to be useful for you.  It will be structured something like this:
20-30 minutes input from one of the team on a set topic
15-20 minutes for you to ask questions (we will answer them as well if we can!)


Give us yer money!!!
What's the cost/catch?
No catch. There is no cost from us. All it will cost you is the local call charge which for approximately 45 minutes, should be no more than 4-5 pence per minute.  (We reckon with our CSE in Mathematics that is about £2.25 on a typical BT rate!)  Our provider for this conference take their money back direct from the phone companies. 

Time    - 1800-1845 UK Time
Date    -  Monday 15th October 2012
Tel no  -  0844 4 73 71 44
Pin No -  833272 (You will be greeted by 'Welcome to Flying Without Fear'  and then you will need to put your pin number in. Then one of us will be there ready to talk your head off so to speak!

Topic  -  Automatic thoughts and what to do about them. 
This is one of the most common fear patterns that occurs in people that attend our courses. We will talk about what you can do with these negative automatic thoughts...
This will be a good reminder for those that have already attended our courses but also a relaxed 'taster' for those who have been looking at the website for 9 years saying, 'I must get round to booking one of those courses but...'  We are not judging you - you have to face your fears when you are ready. 
Take care and hope to speak to you on the 15th October ... Or, even see some of you in Birmingham on the 14th October.

Take care,
Paul & Richard


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