Saturday, 20 October 2012

Email from one of our new team leaders...

The team leaders that help out at our courses are just brilliant. They are a mixture of staff and previous attendees. We couldn't manage without them.  Here is an email from one of them this week - reproduced with permission.

Subject: Hello

Thought I would give you a quick update on my recent flights
At the end of August I went to Ireland with my friend. The flight out was in the evening so the most recent Luton course was great practice for that. All went well in fact I was relaxed and so tired that I could have easily fallen asleep on the flight out there. On the way home I had a few thoughts of whether to get on or not and was a little nervous at the airport before boarding. Waiting in the queue was also a little nerve racking as I suppose it’s at that point when I still have a choice to either get on or not! However I got on and once I was on, all was well; my friend fell asleep so I just read my book and everything was fine.
On Monday just gone I returned home from a week in Ibiza. It’s the first time in about 15 – 18 years that I have got a tan ands I’m loving it! Just a little wave of panic at take-off on the flight out there but I put that down to tiredness as I had completed a half marathon on the previous night for charity. It only lasted a couple of minutes and maybe it was because in my head I had to sit there for 2 hours and then get back if need be! Thankfully the feeling subsided really quickly and the rest of the flight was fine. During the latter part of the week’s holiday I did have a few thoughts of how I would be on the return flight home but thankfully I kept busy at the airport and the flight home was fine. I read my book all the way (The trouble with single women – great holiday trash book!)
I’m already booked for a holiday next July with my sister and her children!
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to become a team leader, I would never have made these giant steps without attending the course and with the further development I receive every time I help out at the courses, I’m so grateful
Kind regards
Kerry Adams



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