Monday, 29 October 2012

43 postcards in two months

If you have been on a course of ours, you would have noticed that we put postcards out on the tables. These are from people that have attended our courses and want to say hello. We really appreciate these because it takes effort to send a thank you email or letter. To send a postcard means that you are thinking about us whilst on holiday...

We get a few cards in each week, and we put them to one side to put out on the tables.  We have just realised that there is a whole bunch gathering on one of our desks.  43 we counted in about two months.  Remarkable. So, they are on their way to our next courses for displaying at Manchester or Gatwick.

There is an example below of one that came in today...


It reads: Dear FWF
I've done it!! :)
After attending your Gatwick course on the 8th July, finally booked my longed for beach holiday!! :) Despite an hour and a half delay, a replacement aircraft and witnessing a thunder and lightening storm as we flew, I was amazed at how relaxed and confident I felt.  It's all thanks to you!  Enjoying every moment here. Eternally grateful. Katie x
P.S. Can you let my team leader Kerrie (Kerry Adams) know

What a great message isn't it?

Maybe, some of you reading this blog would say, 'Ah, but I am much worse than this person.'

It is true that a range of fearful types attend our course. From mildly anxious right through to completely terrified. Also, not everyone is an instant success from attending a course. It very much depends on where people are in terms of facing their fears. Have they done anything already or just pitched up and see what happens?  We know that our course is a fantastic part of the process of getting rid of flying fears.  Incidentally, our last course maintained our 98+% success rate so far...

Take care

Paul & Richard
Course Dates
Manchester 11th November
Gatwick 18th November (Both adult and kid’s course)
Edinburgh 25th November
Southampton 2nd December
Leeds Bradford 13th January 2013
London Luton 20th January 2013
Newcastle 3rd February 2013
Birmingham 24th February 2013

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