Monday, 3 September 2012

Recommended Reading

Sometimes, before attending our courses, potential attendees will call us and ask if they can skip certain parts of the course.

Often, they will say, 'I just want the psychological stuff - I know it can fly!'  Or, 'I just want to talk to a pilot and ask him/her some technical questions...'

We know from our fifteen + years of running these courses, that the course is a complete package. We think every part of it is relevant - the psychology is no more relevant than the technology side.

Our course is chunked into following areas:

  1. Pilot - how it flies/turbulence, ATC, terrorism, noises, physics ... or whatever you ask for
  2. Cabin crew - safety training, aviation medicine training and what they can do for you onboard
  3. Two psychology sessions that cover how fear is learned, what some common fear patterns people adopt and then about 10-15 tips and strategies to do something about it
  4. An accompanied and narrated flight for people to practise what they have learned in 'real time' but also a chance to update themselves

Just like aviation safety, which is continually learning, so is psychology.  As part of our desire to learn more and more about fear and aviation psychology, we keep learning too.  Every time we read something or attend a useful talk, we amend the course to reflect this. We don't believe you ever stop learning and there is always something new out there to remind us of things we have forgotten or, a new approach we can try. 

The Happiness Trap
The book we are recommending today has found a really neat way to combine several different strands of psychological theory.  Within this book, are useful elements of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Mindfulness and something called A.C.T.

The book is called 'The Happiness Trap' by Dr. Russ Harris.  It is a book that uses the principles of ACT to increase psychological flexibility. We are not on commission, just a very good read to help with anxiety.


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