Friday, 7 September 2012

Patrick McLoughlin's alleged fear of flying

We felt compelled to write about this....

If the new transport secretary does actually have a fear of flying (we have not had it confirmed and sometimes, just sometimes, the media are not always accurate!) then why is it so wrong?

There have been a lot of sarcastic comments through different media about him having this supposed fear.  The reason we felt compelled to write is that the tone of the reporting over the last few days has been very mocking. 

At flying without fear, we applaud his openness. So many people that have a fear of flying just hide it. 

One newspaper reported, 'The new transport secretary has a fear of flying!  You couldn't write this stuff...'

Recent data suggests that up to 30% of the population have a fear of flying to some degree.  Patrick is not alone. One of the things we know is that many people never even admit to it - they use various strategies to hide it.  Such as: Getting drunk at the airport; Or, only taking certain flights at certain times with certain airlines, or just taking a bucket load of Kalms!

If you really are scared of flying Mr McLoughlin...Then thank you for admitting it.  It is not a weakness or character flaw, it is just a fear.  We can all search for celebs who have fears of flying but it is very rare for a politician to admit to any form of imperfection.

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