Thursday, 27 September 2012

More thoughts on risk...

This is seeming to be quite a theme in recent blogs.  Not sure why...

Last weekend, en route to an improvisation course run by Keith Johnstone (a legend for those into that), Paul was knocked off his motorbike.  Paul is okay by the way...

Paul is an advanced driver.  He has driven for over 25 years. He was also trained in defensive driving skills whilst in the Forces.  Paul understands risk. He wears full protective gear whilst riding his motorbike...

But still, onto the road he arrived without any warning whatsoever.... It is just the way it goes.  He fixed the motorbike and got straight back onto it to drive into London for the next day of the course.

Not sure where this blog is going...But Paul is a bit of a numpty really  isn't he?  Why would anyone ride a motorbike?!  Because, despite recent tarmac encounters, he still believes, 'It won't happen to me!'

This interesting 'logic' is what a lot of humans do when they read about someone getting shot in London or their village being swept away in some country or another. We half listen to news and then console ourselves with the idea that it doesn't really affect me...'That will never happen to me...'

Interestingly, in our experience, people that have a phobia of flying think the opposite. They think, 'The flight will crash and it will be the one I AM ON!'  'In fact, I will make it happen by just being on it!'

Take care,

Paul & Richard

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