Monday, 17 September 2012

Anna P

There is a special person that is about to join us as a team leader.  She has been on our course a couple of times as she enjoyed it so much. She came on the course to beat her fear, which she did. Then she came back because she enjoyed the day and wanted a refresher.  She has been super generous and thankful to the team and has sent us three lots of chocolates now by way of thank you!

This is very kind and we don't ever expect it.

Her recent short note is below...

It reads:  Dear FWF Team, Just a very little something from my three week flying frenzy holiday!

I am going to make up for those '22 lost years.'
Best wishes

Anna.  Thank you from all the team. We are so glad that we have been able to help you.

Paul & Richard

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  1. I sincerely don't mean to derail this thread pertaining to Annas life changing accomplishment (kudos btw),

    In this article Sir Branson mentions no longer being able to allow passengers in the cockpit to watch the pilots go thru their routine or to look out of the windshield (I'm assuming during flight?) due to 9/11...this made me think of an alternative,
    with the advancements in HD cameras regarding their small size & excellent picture quality, would it be possible to mount one at the back of the cockpit that faces forward & have it live feed to the monitors on the seats so that those passengers who still want this experience can still obtain it thus easing their anxiety, I cant imagine it costing very much or even being that complicated to implement.

    Just a thought,