Thursday, 23 August 2012

Thank you postcards this week

We are getting ourselves ready for our upcoming Luton course on 26th August. We have managed to get a flight during Olympic embargo and have even managed to find ourselves a flash new hotel to run the course for this weekend.

It is that time of year where lots of people are now able to take flights and get away for a bit. This blog, we have reproduced just four of the postcards that we have received in last 7 days.  This is very rewarding for our team to see as we just love seeing former clients out there exploring the world - not in a car!  Or a boat...

Seeing these pictures certainly makes you want to get away doesn't it?
Postcard 1
Just sunning myself in gorgeous Portugal! First flight for as long as I remember with no tears.  Thank you so much. I feel like I have so many more opportunities now!  What a fantastic course - thanks again - Hannah F (Luton April 2012)

Postcard 2
Dear FWF,
Well, I made it - one week after the course in Southampton.  Flying to Iceland and I enjoyed the flight!!  Thank you all, Caroline xx  (29 years since I'd flown!!!)


Postcard 3
To all the Team
Thanks to your course back in April, I was able to come to see my son get married in Trinidad.  We're now on Tobago on holiday and it's paradise.  Thanks to you all.  Patricia G
P.S. Looking forward to the next flight.


Postcard 4
Dear Richard and Paul,
Well thanks to you and your team, I am having my first fly drive holiday in 23 years.  And the best part is, I enjoyed the flight!!  I can't believe the transformation. THANK YOU.
Best wishes, Holly S
(Birmingham course June 2012)

Incidentally, Paul Tizzard has just come back from a fly-cruise which included Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Tunis, Barcelona and Marseilles.  Not showing off, just wanted to mention it.  Our cruise started in Genoa which meant a quick flight out with BA which was altogether very pleasant. (Pre-booked seats, free meal and drinks onboard, no rugby scrum at the airport vying for best seats!)

Anyway, reason we mention this. Our cruise seemed to follow around another cruise line that started in Southampton and then went to the same locations. Paul checked out the itinerary of the cruise line and something caught his eye in the marketing material.  As one of the benefits of taking the cruise it said something like, 'Scared of flying? Don't worry about it...take a cruise instead.'

It might seem obvious to you but, we had not considered that actually helping somebody with their fears of flying would be taking business from someone else profiting from it! Maybe a bit harsh of us to say that????

Anyway, those of you at Luton this weekend, see you there.

Take care
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear

Future courses - 2012

London Luton 26th August
Birmingham 14th October
Manchester 11th November (Both adult and kid’s course)
Gatwick 18th November (Both adult and kid’s course)
Edinburgh 25th November
Southampton 2nd December

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