Friday, 17 August 2012

Random facts and figures

David Flynn (former nervous flyer and now regular team leader) sent us these numbers from a book he was reading...

The 26th August, we are running our course from Luton Airport. This was really tricky to book with all the Olympics going on. Aircraft and hotels were chocker for various reasons...

Anyway, we are looking forward to running the course at Luton Sunday and then enjoying the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend off.  See you there if you are coming.

Random facts and figures

We thought that they were just interesting to know... Don't you?

1: according to IATA  there are 3 BILLION air passengers per year - or 8 million per day.
2: There are some 460,000 passengers in the air at any one given time.
3: passenger flights clock up some 2.8 TRILLION MILES PER YEAR.
4: Every 30 minutes of every day a plane takes off from London to New York
5: There are around 44,000 airports around the world.
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