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Quick evaluation of last Gatwick course

People often ask us about the 98% success rate.  This is how we measure it....

Measure 1
On random courses, we give out evaluation forms. This is to measure how people feel about flying before our course and then how they feel after the course.  We look for a shift in the measure. Provided they shift towards the positive, this counts as a 'yes, the course helped me.' 
Measure 2
We also measure how many people attend the course and then how many fly at the end of the day. 
We think that without measure 1 in place, measure 2 does not tell us the full story.  That is because the make up of our clients falls into the following categories roughly speaking:

50% people currently fly but don't like it to varying degrees
40% people have flown before, at some point in their lives, but have stopped for a variety of reasons and time spans (63 years is currently longest avoidance)
10% people have never flown

This is a very crude percentage split. It also doesn't take account of the rich variety of reasons for the fear starting.  For example:  Claustrophobia, Turbulence, fear of not being in control, noises, heights, falling, go arounds, take offs, landing...  The list is never ending and everybody's reason for getting the fear is unique.

So, back to the evaluation.  The 50% that fly at the moment, want to prove to themselves that they feel better about the whole experience of flying.  Hence measure 1 is critical to them.
We have measured the success several times per year since we started and we are able to maintain the 98% so far....
Here are just some of the comments and stats from last Gatwick...

The forms collected on the day ALL showed an improvement in how they felt about flying.  So, that is 100% to begin with for measure 1

Measure 2 is around how many people flew.  We had 151 people on that course. 4 people didn't fly.  Of those four people, two have already booked to come back to do the flight part again.  So 147/151 is not far off our 98% is it...

A selection of some of the comments:

About the pilot - Adelle Roberts
Adelle was great and handled everyone's questions with good humour and lots of patience. Her manner and knowledge was very reassuring.
Adelle. excellent - the information was very in depth and informative.
Adelle. Brilliant! Very knowledgeable and informative.
Adelle. Really, really good. Just what I needed to understand.
Adelle. Loved her! Inspirational! Really calming, you instantly feel safe.
Adelle. Brilliant, made me feel so at ease.
Adelle was brilliant. She explained everything about the aircraft superbly

About the Cabin Crew Technical Section - David Gott

David's session was really useful and it was great to what the cabin crew are really talking about.
DG. Amazing and humorous.
DG. Lovely bloke - terrible jokes but funny too!
DG. Superb, normally I'd be panicking through a flight looking at staff. This flight looked through window throughout.
DG. Brilliant, easy to understand, displayed humour.
DG. Light-hearted and reassuring to hear about training for anxiety attacks.
David was great and certainly knows his job.

About psychology session - Gill Harvey Bush

Gill's session really helped me take what I had learned in Paul's session that bit further. When I was on the way to the airport, I had the colour and visualisation techniques to bat away any negative thoughts very quickly.
Gill. Inspiring and it worked :)
Gill. Good techniques, especially the relaxation

Gill. Very, very, very good. A few simple powerful techniques that make a huge difference.
Gill. Brilliant, very good techniques. Gill is wonderful. Thanks Gill. Brilliant! !
Gill. Brilliant!

About some of the team leaders

Nicky was lovely and very warm and helpful throughout the day. She was very reassuring.

Brill team leader - needs a pay rise!  Brill, as I love Claire! Loved her - thanks Claire :) Claire lovely! Made me feel more relaxed.

Henrietta was a big help especially being someone who was in the same boat before. H. Outstanding! Helped me out on the flight - friendly and hugely supportive throughout.

Prachya is such a lovely man - huge thanks.

Peter was very helpful and talked me through bad episodes as I had a few wobbles. Peter. Many thanks to Peter who was a great presence throughout the day and was very helpful to all of our team.

Tracey - thank you. Tracey was very nice, very friendly and a credit to virgin.

Tom. Excellent. A real help. Lovely chap. Absolutely brilliant, very reassuring. Excellent rapport with everyone, had a lot of trust in him. Tom. Gorgeous - wouldn't have got on the plane without him!

Kerry was fantastic.

Toni very good. Toni was fab, kept me really calm.

Take care
Paul & Richard
Virgin Atlantic Flying Without Fear
Next Courses
Luton 26th August 2012
Birmingham 14th October 2012

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